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Thank You for your interest in Cradle to the Grave. Our focus as a Free Company is to create an inviting and helpful environment for our members. My husband and I transferred to Zalera with two of our close friends, in hope of creating a great FC where we could teach players everything we know about FFXIV.

We aren't expecting much from our members, except that they are willing to help each other out whenever needed. This is something we push really hard. Teamwork is really important in FFXIV. The key to enjoying this game is always having people around, so you never have to rely on the instability of things like the Duty Finder. We encourage our members every day to work on content together, and we are there as much as possible to help work members through it.

When it comes to raids and events, everyone in the FC is welcome to join. We ask that all attendees put forth 110% effort and attention. If we feel someone is a distraction, or can't focus, we will replace them if needed. We understand that there will be some amount of horseplay at times, especially if members are having fun, but we ask that it is kept to a minimum.

Team Speak 3 is available for all of our FC members. We require it for endgame raids and harder content. Voice chat is active most of the day, and very active in the evenings when more members are online. Even if you can only listen, it is still a great tool to have.

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them in the Questions and Feedback forum, and we will answer them as quickly as possible. Hope to see you in the game soon!

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